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Format Title Size Download
pdf (00) 2019-05-01 Agenda Part 1.pdf 150KB Download
pdf (01.4) 2019-03-22 GB Part 1 Draft Minutes.pdf 459KB Download
pdf (01.5) 2019-03-22 Action Log_Part 1.pdf 76KB Download
pdf (01.5i) 2018-19 IPR & Quality Action Log_Part 1.pdf 136KB Download
pdf (02) GB Cover Sheet - 1920 Finance Plans update.pdf 166KB Download
pdf (02A) NWL Finance Committee Paper 19_20 finance plans 25_04.pdf 1MB Download
pdf (03) GB Cover Sheet - M12 Financial Report FINAL V4.pdf 131KB Download
pdf (03A) 1819 M12 Hillingdon CCG Board Report - GB FINAL V4.pdf 1MB Download
pdf (03B) Cover sheet for NW London Committees _ FC M12 NWL CCGFinance Report v2.pdf 199KB Download
pdf (03C) M12 NWL CCG Financial Report - Final v2.pdf 428KB Download
pdf (04) Performance Report Coversheet GB.pdf 262KB Download
pdf (04A) Hillingdon CCG_IPR_Month 11_2018-19.pdf 1MB Download
pdf (05) GB Coversheet Quality Report M11 May 2019.pdf 206KB Download
pdf (05A) Quality Report M10 FINAL.pdf 2MB Download
pdf (05B) Final Version Quality Report M11.pdf 2MB Download
pdf (06) Action log.PDF 70KB Download
pdf (06) AO report April 2019.PDF 138KB Download
pdf (06) Health and care partnership progress report.PDF 2MB Download
pdf (06) NW London Board Assurance Framework.PDF 1MB Download
pdf (06) NW London CCGs Joint Committee - 7 March draft minutes.PDF 314KB Download
pdf (06) NW London Collaboration of CCGs Joint Committee agenda 2 May.pdf 275KB Download
pdf (06) NW London Collaboration of CCGs Joint Committee register of interests.pdf 118KB Download
pdf (06) NW London Health and safety objectives & Health and Safety Committee.PDF 2MB Download
pdf (06) Report from the Chief Nurse & Director of Quality.pdf 275KB Download
pdf (07) GB Coversheet Template MMLIS 19.20.pdf 169KB Download
pdf (07A) MMLIS 2019-20 Final.pdf 438KB Download
pdf (08) PPE GB Coversheet.pdf 195KB Download
pdf (08A) PPE Report 2019.pdf 5MB Download
pdf (09) HLP Portfolio Deliverable Report - March 2019.pdf 835KB Download
pdf (10) 2019-20 Hillingdon CCG Governing Body Members Register of Interest.pdf 492KB Download