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pdf 00) Hillingdon CCG AGENDA 23.1.19 PCB Part 1.pdf 152KB Download
pdf 01.4) DRAFT - PART 1 Hillingdon CCG PCB Minutes 28.11.18.pdf 221KB Download
pdf 01.5) Draft ACTION LOG Primary Care Board - Part 1 23.1.19 .pdf 322KB Download
pdf 01.6) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 28.11.18.pdf 495KB Download
xlsx 01.7) 2018 19 PCB Finance Spreadsheet Log.xlsx 15KB Download
pdf 010) 2019 01 23 Performance Report Cover Sheet Template - Part 1.pdf 173KB Download
xlsx 010a) GP Confederation Performance Report November.xlsx 109KB Download
pdf 011) Cover Sheet - PBC Part 1 First Care Group Practice Resilience Funding Progress Report 2018-19.pdf 236KB Download
pdf 011a) First Care Group Practice 2018 19 Resilience Funding Progress Report - PCB Part 11 January 2019 v.2- FINAL.pdf 198KB Download
xlsx 011b) Appendix A Due Diligence - Super Partnership.xlsx 17KB Download
pdf 011c) Operational Manager 10.12 MF.pdf 272KB Download
pdf 011d) Job Sprec - Operations Manager.pdf 236KB Download
pdf 011e) Job Sprec - Data Quality Manager.pdf 237KB Download
pdf 011f) Job Sprec - Compliance Manager.pdf 236KB Download
pdf 011g) Data Quality Manager 10.12 MF.pdf 402KB Download
pdf 011h) Compliance Manager 10.12 MF.pdf 308KB Download
pdf 012) Cover Sheet - RSM audit report - Primary Care Board - January 2019.pdf 168KB Download
pdf 012a) Appendix 1 NWL CCGs - Primary Care - DISCUSSION DRAFT Report 18-19.pdf 468KB Download
pdf 02) 2019 01 08 Overhead Cover Sheet V2.pdf 317KB Download
pdf 02a) 2019 01 08 Overhead 2019.20 Paper V2.pdf 267KB Download
pdf 03) Paeds Phlebotomy_Cover Sheet PCB_23.1.19.pdf 97KB Download
pdf 03a) Paediatric Community Phlebotomy Service Specification_v16.1.19.pdf 659KB Download
pdf 06) Cover Sheet Assurance Framework.pdf 77KB Download
pdf 06a) Primary Care Contracting Assurance_HCCG FINAL.pdf 272KB Download
pdf 07) PCB Part 1 Cover Sheet - Care Home proposal 23.1.19.pdf 155KB Download
pdf 07a) Appendix 1 HHCP BUSINESS CASE summary of Care Home proposal Jan 2019.pdf 403KB Download
pdf 07b) Appendix 2 - August 2018 OP Care Home List and GP Practices.pdf 164KB Download
pdf 07c) Appendix 3 EIA Jan 2019 - care home.pdf 416KB Download
pdf 07d) Appendix 4 DMTree 23.1.19 - care home.pdf 221KB Download
pdf 08) Primary Care Board part 1 - Cover sheet - GP selection process.pdf 160KB Download