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pdf (00) Hillingdon CCG AGENDA 28.11.18 PCB Part 1.pdf 162KB Download
pdf (01.4) Hillingdon CCG Minutes 26.9.18 Part 1 Final draft .pdf 319KB Download
pdf 01.5) Draft ACTION LOG Primary Care Board 28.11.18 321KB Download
pdf 01.6) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 28.11.18.pdf 501KB Download
xlsx 01.7) 2018 19 PCB Finance Spreadsheet Log.xlsx 15KB Download
pdf 01.8) E -governance Ratification cover sheet ICCPC.pdf 230KB Download
pdf 01.8a) E -governance - GP Confederation Care Homes and LBH Extra care housing Interim Service for Ratification cover sheet.pdf 196KB Download
pdf 010) Cover Sheet - RSM - Primary Care Board - November 2018.pdf 128KB Download
pdf 010a) NWL Primary Care Commissioning APS 201819 RSM review final 10102018.pdf 189KB Download
pdf 011) PMS Review Update Paper.pdf 90KB Download
pdf 012) Hillingdon PCC Coversheet 28.11.18.pdf 137KB Download
pptx 012a) Hillingdon PCCC update 28.11.18.pptx 563KB Download
pdf 02) Cover Sheet Item 2 - Part 1. PCB.pdf 132KB Download
pdf 02a) Appendix 1 - Component Variation.pdf 232KB Download
pdf 02b) Appendix 2 - Commissioning Contract 2018-19.pdf 294KB Download
pdf 03) Cover Sheet - Cooperate Risk Register - Primary Care Board - November 2018.pdf 176KB Download
pdf 03a) APPENDIX 1 - Local Corporate Risks.pdf 673KB Download
pdf 03b) Final CR 3A -TK.pdf 52KB Download
pdf 03c) APPENDIX 2 - HCCG Summary of Local Corporate Risks.pdf 345KB Download
pdf 03d) APPENDIX 3 - Local Corporate Risks - Governance.pdf 285KB Download
pdf 04) Cover Sheet - Neighbourhood Integrated Care Model - Primary Care Board - November 2018.pdf 528KB Download
pdf 04a) HHCP Proposed Neighbourhood Model of Integrated Care.pdf 933KB Download
pdf 05) Cover Sheet Template - Part 1.pdf 124KB Download
pdf 05a) GP IT Capital Expenditure Plan Nov 2018.pdf 124KB Download
pdf 06) PC Board - Finance Update Cover Sheet.pdf 129KB Download
pdf 06a) M07 Hillingdon CCG Primary Care Board 1819 - Financial Report V4.pdf 377KB Download
pdf 07) Quarter 2 Performance Report Primary Care Contracts Cover Sheet.pdf 133KB Download
pdf 07a) Q2 Primary Care Contract Performance Report V1.pdf 619KB Download
xlsx 08a) GP Confederation Performance Report September 18 V3.xlsx 114KB Download
pdf 08a,b,c) Performance Report Cover Sheet Template - Part 1.pdf 251KB Download