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pdf (00) Hillingdon CCG AGENDA 26.9.18 PCB Part 1 2018v.pdf 154KB Download
pdf (01.4) Draft Hillingdon CCG Minutes 25.7.18 Part 1 2018.pdf 213KB Download
pdf 01.5) DRAFT Action Log Primary Care Board PART 1 - 26.9.18 - updated.pdf 212KB Download
pdf 01.6) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 26.9.18.pdf 474KB Download
pdf 01.6a) Enhanced care in care homes Decision Making Tree_- to be ratified in Sept Board.pdf 284KB Download
pdf 01.6b) Decision MakingTree for Awarding Change of ICP KPIs - To be ratified at Sept Board.pdf 270KB Download
pdf 01.6c) Decision MakingTree for Extended Access and Weekend Visiting Service - To be ratified at the Sept Board.pdf 331KB Download
pdf 01.6d) Decision Making Tree Template - Integrated Clinical Pharmacist Programme Specification - To be ratified at the Sept Board.pdf 218KB Download
pdf 01.7a) E -governance Ratification cover sheet.pdf 229KB Download
pdf 010) 20180918_Prostate Contract Update_Cover Sheet.pdf 133KB Download
pdf 010a) 20180918_Stratified Prostate Cancer FU Update.pdf 156KB Download
pdf 011) Revised Primary Care Transformation Group ToRs Cover Sheet.pdf 144KB Download
pdf 011a) REVISED 2018 19 Primary Care Transformation Group ToR v.6.pdf 286KB Download
pdf 012) Cover Sheet Multi-Morbidity Clinics Update - Part 1.pdf 121KB Download
pdf 012a) Multimorbidity Pilot - Update.pdf 606KB Download
pdf 013) 2018 19 Quarter 1 Primary Care Contracts Performance Report Cover Sheet.pdf 149KB Download
pdf 013a) Q1 Primary Care Contract Performance Report V4.pdf 577KB Download
pdf 014)Cover Sheet - Care Homes KPI Paper 2018.19.pdf 132KB Download
pdf 014a)2018 09 06 Care Home KPI Paper 2018.19 Final.pdf 214KB Download
pdf 014b) 2018 09 19 Care Home Mitigation Risk Paper 2018.19.pdf 239KB Download
pdf 015)Cover Sheet National Variation Proposal - Part 1.pdf 129KB Download
pdf 015a) Delegation Agreement clean copy 201819 - Letter to CCGs with delegated commissioning arrangements.pdf 1MB Download
pdf 015b) NHS England letter - variation to Delegation Agreement with PB sig and dates JC.pdf 273KB Download
pdf 016) 18.09.26 - Transition Academy Update - PCB Cover Sheet.pdf 134KB Download
pdf 02)PICC service specification Cover Sheet_ Primary Care Board Part 1_26.9.18.pdf 128KB Download
pdf 02a) Hillingdon Paediatric Integrated Community Clinics Service Specification 2018.19 GPC_v11.9.18.pdf 510KB Download
pdf 03) EIA Interpretation and Translation Services Cover Sheet - Part 1.pdf 109KB Download
pdf 03a) Hillingdon CCG EIA Interpretation 2018.pdf 610KB Download
pdf 04) 2018 19 ICP KPI Proposed Targets Cover Sheet.pdf 173KB Download
pdf 04a) 2018 19 ICP KPI Proposed Targets.pdf 410KB Download