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pdf 1) AGENDA -PCB Part 1 25th July 2018.pdf 220KB Download
pdf 1.4) Primary Care Board Minutes Part 1 23 5 18.pdf 397KB Download
pdf 1.5) DRAFT Action Log Primary Care Board PART 1 - 25.5.18 - updated.pdf 203KB Download
pdf 1.6) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 23.5.18.pdf 472KB Download
pdf 1.6a) Decision Making Tree MyHealth - updated 23.5.18.pdf 393KB Download
pdf 1.7) E -governance Ratification cover sheet.pdf 318KB Download
pdf 10) PCB 250718 - ICCPC Contract Update.pdf 159KB Download
pdf 11) Cover Sheet - Clinical Pharmacist Update 18.07.18.pdf 151KB Download
pdf 12) 2018 07 25 Confederation Quarter 1 Highlight Report Cover Sheet v.1.pdf 126KB Download
pdf 12a) 2018 07 25 Confederation Quarter 1 Highlight Report.pdf 245KB Download
pdf 13) PCB Cover Sheet Part 1. 24 hr BPM 25.07.18.pdf 133KB Download
xlsx 13a) Confederation 24 BP Performance Dashboard as at 31 May 18 PCB 25.07.18.xlsx 15KB Download
pdf 14) Cover Sheet NWL EXTENDED ACCESS SPEC - Part 1.pdf 143KB Download
pdf 14a) NWL 2018-19 Extended Hours OOHS Specification (Final v2).pdf 719KB Download
pdf 2) Cover Sheet Template - Part 1 IntegratedClinical Pharmacist Programme.pdf 130KB Download
pdf 2a) Enhanced Service Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice Phase Final 20...pdf 407KB Download
pdf 3) Hillingdon PCB Coversheet - GP At-Scale.pdf 156KB Download
pptx 3a) GP At-Scale - Hillingdon PCC v0.2.pptx 382KB Download
pdf 4) Cover Sheet - Care Homes Proposal 2018.19.pdf 134KB Download
pdf 4a) 2018 07 09 Care Home Proposal Paper 2018.19 Final.pdf 212KB Download
pdf 5) Cover Sheet - ICP KPI Proposal 2018.19 (2).pdf 179KB Download
pdf 5a) 2018 07 12 ICP KPI Proposal 2018.19 (1).pdf 538KB Download
pdf 6) Extended Access Hubs Weekday Additional Capacity Proposal Cover Sheet Template - Part 1.pdf 132KB Download
pdf 6a) Extended Access Hubs Weekday Additional Capacity Proposal.pdf 140KB Download
pdf 7) Cover Sheet PCB - 250718 - Primary Care Commissioning Contracts Review and new outcomes based contract Update – July 2018.pdf 338KB Download
pdf 8) PCB Cover Sheet Part 1 DOAC LIS update 25.07.18 v2.pdf 158KB Download
pdf 9) Hillingdon OOH Hubs PCB Cover Sheet 25072018.pdf 435KB Download
pdf 9a) DRAFT Hillingdon- Uxbridge and West Drayton Option Appraisal v0.4.pdf 5MB Download
pdf 9b) DRAFT Hillingdon North Hub Option Appraisal v0.4.pdf 5MB Download