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pdf 10a) APMS HESA Mobilisation Update - Part 1 PC Board 23 May 18.pdf 219KB Download
pdf 10b) 2019 20 APMS Procurement decision - Part 1.pdf 182KB Download
pdf 11) PCB- Part 1 Primary Care Contracts Performance Update.pdf 169KB Download
pdf 11a) Uptake 2018-19 Hillingdon CCG Primary Care Contracts Version 3 23052018.pdf 431KB Download
pdf 12) PCB- Cover Sheet 1819 Primary Care Budget May 18.pdf 130KB Download
pdf 12a) AppendixA_Hillingdon May 18.pdf 196KB Download
pdf 12b) 1819 Primary Care Budgets May PCB.pdf 528KB Download
pdf 13a) Primary Care Board update on PICs_v18.5.18.pdf 188KB Download
pdf 13c) AppendixA_Hillingdon.pdf 236KB Download
pdf 2a) Primary Care Board Minutes Part 1 28.3.18.pdf 506KB Download
pdf 2a1) e-governance from last board for Sarah.pdf 61KB Download
pdf 2b) DRAFT Action Log Primary Care Board PART 1 - 28.3.18 - updated.pdf 252KB Download
pdf 2b1) SBCAG Draft Minutes 04.04.18 Agreed - to be sent out with Minutes of Board and publish.pdf 237KB Download
pdf 2c) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 23.5.18 v.1.pdf 947KB Download
pdf 3) Cover Sheet for Primary Care Board - Lis Extension proposed change.pdf 173KB Download
pdf 4) Hillingdon CCG Primary Care Interpretation and Translation Services Review Cover Sheet.pdf 161KB Download
pdf 4a) Hillingdon CCG Primary Care Interpretation and Translation Services Review.pdf 287KB Download
pdf 5) 2019 20 London STPs Improvement Grant bidding Arrangements Cover Sheet - Part 1.pdf 177KB Download
pdf 6) PCB- Part 1 GP Confederation Contract Update 230518.pdf 190KB Download
pdf 8) PCB Cover Sheet Template - Part 1. 24 hr BPM.pdf 160KB Download
xlsx 8a) Metrohealth 24 BP Performance Dashboard as at 31 Mar 18 PCB 23.05.18.xlsx 11KB Download
pdf 9) PCB 230518 - ICCPC Contract Update.pdf 213KB Download
pdf AF Audit and patient review Decision Making Tree 01.11.17 - updated.pdf 339KB Download
pdf Decision Making Tree Template Integrated Paediatric clinics June 2017 - Close with Trevor.pdf 400KB Download
pdf Decision Making Tree Template Paediatric Phlebotomy June 2017 - Close with Trevor.pdf 244KB Download
pdf Decision Making Tree_Stratified Prostate Pathway - updated.pdf 387KB Download
pdf Decision 6.12.17 - updated.pdf 375KB Download
pdf Decision MakingTree for Extended Access and Weekend Visiting Service 24.04.18 - final.pdf 350KB Download
pdf Diabetes Underspend_Decision Making Tree_KW_ - updated.pdf 336KB Download
pdf DOAC Initiation and Management Decision Making Tree v2 15.12.17 - updated.pdf 411KB Download