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pdf 10) Hillingdon Cover Sheet - NW London Workforce Strategy.pdf 353KB Download
pptx 10a)) NW London Primary Care Workforce Strategy FINAL4 Hillingdon.pptx 1MB Download
pdf 11)Cover Sheet PCB - 280318 - PC Commissioning Contracts Extension and Future Developments Update.pdf 639KB Download
pdf 12) Cover Sheet PCB - Part 1 - 280318 - ICCPC Commissioning Contract.pdf 201KB Download
pdf 13) Primary Care Board 28.3.18_PICsCover Sheet Template - Part 1_.pdf 160KB Download
pdf 13a) 2017-06-20 Paediatric Integrated Clinics business case.pdf 2MB Download
xlsx 13b) CPC Clinic Usage Data.xlsx 63KB Download
pdf 13c) Decision Making Tree Template Integrated Paediatric clinics June 2017 v1 (002) - Ratify at March Board.pdf 226KB Download
pdf 15) 2018 03 28 Cover Sheet Confederation Management Costs.pdf 161KB Download
pdf 15a) Hillingdon Primary Care Confederation management costs v2.pdf 207KB Download
pdf 16) Cover Sheet Mandatory Co1 Training TB.pdf 154KB Download
pdf 2a) DRAFT Primary Care Board Minutes Part 1 28.2.18 v.1.pdf 531KB Download
pdf 2b) DRAFT Action Log Primary Care Board PART 1 - 28.2.18.pdf 268KB Download
pdf 2c) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 28.2.18 v.1.pdf 585KB Download
pdf 3) Cover Sheet Part 1 New Primary Care BAF v3.pdf 155KB Download
pdf 3a) Primary care BAF 18-19 v2.pdf 385KB Download
pdf 4) Cover Sheet Confederation Extended Hours service.pdf 334KB Download
pdf 4a) Confederation services business case Paper v2.pdf 360KB Download
pdf 5) PCB Cover Sheet - CEPN Proposal.Development_Transition Academy.pdf 157KB Download
pdf 5a) 2018-2020 - Primary Care Workforce Programme Funding Proposal_CEPN_DevelopmentV3.pdf 248KB Download
pdf 6) Cover Sheet Pharmacist Proposal.pdf 259KB Download
pdf 6a) Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice.pdf 509KB Download
pdf 7) Diabetes Underspend_PCB_1st Nov_KW_V2.pdf 360KB Download
pdf 7a) Diabetes Multimorbidity Paper_PCB_28Feb_KW_v2.pdf 663KB Download
pdf 7b) Managing Multimorbidity_YoC_PCB_26072017 - march (1).pdf 206KB Download
pdf 8) PCB_Diabetes Contract 18_19_KWv2.pdf 543KB Download
pdf 9) Cover sheet Component 3 Performance Report Update and Recommendation.pdf 165KB Download
pdf 9a) Performance report for Component 3 lis commissioning Lis.pdf 241KB Download
pdf PART 1 Primary Care Board Meeting Agenda - 2018 03 28.pdf 165KB Download