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pdf 10 )PCB Cover Sheet IPP 1819.pdf 208KB Download
pdf 10a) IPP 1819 BC.pdf 470KB Download
pdf 11) MMLIS Cover Sheet 1819.pdf 112KB Download
pdf 12) Diabetes Multimorbidity Paper_PCB_28Feb_KW.pdf 571KB Download
pdf 13) LTBI Update_PCB_28Feb_KW.pdf 133KB Download
pdf 2a) Draft Primary Care Board Minutes Part 1 - 24.1.18 v.1.pdf 472KB Download
pdf 2b) DRAFT Action Log Primary Care Board PART 1 - 24.1.18.pdf 268KB Download
pdf 2c) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 24.1.18 v.3.pdf 424KB Download
pdf 3) Proposed BAF Risk primary care v3.pdf 306KB Download
pdf 4) Hillingdon Cover Sheet NWL Workforce Strategy.pdf 111KB Download
pdf 4a) DRAFT NW London Primary Care Workforce Strategy Full Version 1012018FINAL formatted.pdf 3MB Download
pdf 4b) DRAFT NW London Primary Care Workforce Strategy Summary100118Reformatted.pdf 579KB Download
pdf 5) PCB Cover Sheet Part 1 diagnostics equipment revised proposal 21.02.18 v2.pdf 480KB Download
pdf 6a) Cover Sheet PCB - 280218 - PC Commissioning Contracts Extension and Future Developments.pdf 287KB Download
pdf 6b) Primary care board Part 1_Commissioning LIS 18-19.pdf 195KB Download
pdf 6c) PCB_Diabetes Contract 18_19_KWv1.pdf 543KB Download
pdf 7)Cover Sheet PCB - Part 1 - 280218 - Year 0 - ICCPC Commissioning Contract - NPaige.pdf 395KB Download
pdf 7a) Year 0 - ICCPC Commissioning Contract.pdf 417KB Download
pdf 8) Primary Care Comms Work Plan.pdf 326KB Download
pdf 9) Exception Highlight report - Primary Care Delivery Plan - February 2018.pdf 79KB Download
xlsx 9a) Primary Care Delivery Plan 2017-2019_Feb 18.xlsx 182KB Download
pdf PART 1 Primary Care Board Meeting Agenda - 2018 02 28 V.2.pdf 164KB Download