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pdf 2a) DRAFT Primary Care Board Minutes Part 1 - 06.12.17 v.2.pdf 427KB Download
pdf 2b) DRAFT Action Log Primary Care Board PART 1 - 06.12.17.pdf 357KB Download
pdf 2c) DRAFT Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 06.12.17 v.1.pdf 632KB Download
pdf 3) Cover Sheet COI and ToR_.pdf 158KB Download
pdf 3a) FINAL_NWLGOV002 Conflict of Interest Policy July 2017 v1- post-CWHHE and BHH ACs_Approval.pdf 660KB Download
pdf 3b) PCCC ToR & Annexes Updated 01.12.17.pdf 2MB Download
pdf 4) Cover Sheet London Operating Model - Part 1.pdf 155KB Download
pdf 4a) Londonwide Operating Model v13 221117 Final.pdf 1MB Download
pdf 5) PCB Cover Sheet Part 1 DOAC Specification extended scope 24.01.18.pdf 200KB Download
pdf 5a) Proposal to extend the scope of the DOAC Service specification 22.12.17.pdf 191KB Download
pdf 6) PCB Cover Sheet Part 1 diagnostics equipment 18.01.17.pdf 360KB Download
pdf 6a) Diagnostics equipment Business case v2 17.01.18.pdf 721KB Download
pdf 7a) GP Care hm + weekend service 24.1.18- Part 1.pdf 193KB Download
pdf 7b) Appendix 1 Care Home Pilot Referral pathway.pdf 252KB Download
pdf 7c) Paediactic Asthma_KW_Cover Sheet Template - Part 1_.pdf 150KB Download
pdf 7d) Hillingdon Childrens Asthma Service Report October 2017.pdf 250KB Download
pdf 7e) Latent TB Update_KW_Cover Sheet Template - Part 1_.pdf 160KB Download
pdf 8) Cover Sheet Confederation Development Report- Part 1.pdf 189KB Download
pdf 8a) HPCC Development Submission Jan 18.pdf 377KB Download
pdf 9) Cover Sheet Part 1 New Primary Care BAF.pdf 156KB Download
pdf 9a) Proposed BAF Risk primary care v3.pdf 323KB Download
pdf PART 1 Primary Care Board Meeting Agenda - 2017 01 24 V.2.pdf 237KB Download