Our Member GP Practices

Hillingdon Clincal Commisioning Group is made up of 45 GP practices, divided into three geographical localites.

Below are the three localities within the borough of Hillingdon. These localities are North HillingdonUxbridge and West Drayton and Hayes and Harlington. The respective wards of each locality are listed below.  

North Hillingdon

  • Northwood and Northwood Hills
  • Harefield
  • South Ruislip
  • Eastcote
  • West Ruislip
  • Manor
  • Cavendish
  • ​East Ruislip

Uxbridge and West Drayton

  • Brunel
  • Hillingdon East
  • Ickenham
  • Uxbridge North
  • Uxbridge South
  • West Drayton
  • ​Yiewsley

Hayes and Harlington

  • Barnhill
  • Botwell
  • Charville
  • Heathrow Villages
  • Pinkwell
  • Townfield
  • ​Yeading