Procurement Panel

On this page, you will find a list of members of the procurement panel along with links to the latest papers and minutes. 

The role of the Panel is, if requested by the Governing Body, to undertake any or all of the following:


• receive proposals for service change and scrutinise rather than query them

• review service specifications

• identify the best sourcing route

• consider pricing and costing issues for Any Qualified Provider and proposed single tender sourcing

• oversee the sourcing and implementation of the any new service

• establish the rationale for selecting any given procurement route and provider make recommendations to the Governing Body on procurement routes for contracts

• approve the administrative arrangements for the procurement where authority has been delegated, to make decisions on behalf of the Governing Body


Voting members of the panel can vote on decisions put to the panel. Non-voting members provide an independent clinical view, external scrutiny and comments.


Procurement Panel

Trevor Begg  

Governing Body Lay Member and Chair of the Panel, Hillingdon CCG Voting rights

Rob Larkman   

Accountable Officer, Hillingdon CCG

Voting rights

Jonathan Wise

Chief Finance Officer, Hillingdon CCG

Voting rights

Ceri Jacob

Chief Operating Officer, Hillingdon CCG

Voting rights

Jan Norman    

Director of Quality and Safety, Hillingdon CCG

Voting rights  

John Riordan    

Secondary Care Clinician and Governing Body Member

Voting rights

Mel Brown    

Head of Governance, Hillingdon CCG

Voting rights

Mukesh Panchal   

Governing Body Associate Lay Member

Voting rights

Graham Hawkes

Chief Officer, Hillingdon Healthwatch

Non Voting rights

Dr Lily Wong      

GP, Brent

Non Voting rights


                                                              Meeting Dates

  • Friday 4th December 2015, 11.00 – 12.00 hrs, Ground Floor Meeting Room, Boundary House
  • Friday 8th January 2016, 11.00 – 12.00 hrs, Ground Floor Meeting Room, Boundary House