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Aggie the Alien discovers how earthlings in Hillingdon manage their health!


6 September 2019

Hillingdon CCG has launched a new video featuring Aggie the Alien, who recently landed in our borough from outer space and discovered how our residents manage their health. The video was produced by the CCG to give children a greater understanding of how local health services work, and how many common illnesses can be treated at home.

Aggie met a group of children, who told her how their parents keep a self-care kit in the home. Having a self-care kit helps to keep common illnesses under control, such as cough medicine, headache tablets, and plasters and bandages for any small injuries. But remember, keep medications out of reach of children so they don’t take them by mistake!  

Aggie also found out that the local pharmacy has lots of useful healthcare items and provides expert advice if she has a minor health issue. If the problem is more serious but not an emergency, she can give NHS 111 a call – a trained operator will ask what’s wrong and advise on what to do and the best place to go for treatment.

Health Help Now is also available. It’s a digital app with lots of health advice, a symptom checker and information about local health services. The app can be downloaded for free on the Android and Apple App stores.  

You can also read about Aggie’s adventure to Hillingdon in her book “Help Aggie the Alien Navigate the NHS” available to borrow for free at all Hillingdon Libraries in the family section.

Dr Nilesh Bharakhada , Hillingdon CCG Governing Body member and lead for Self-Care said:

“We are delighted Aggie landed in Hillingdon to find out about how our residents manage their own health and look after themselves.

Self-care is an important part of this because several minor ailments can be treated in the home if you have the necessary items. Pop into your local pharmacist for a chat and they will be happy to advise you on what treatment is right for you.

We wish Aggie all the best as she returns to her home planet, and hope she visits again soon”