Continuing Healthcare

Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is the name given to a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have on-going health care needs.

Adult Continuing Healthcare is provided when an individual has been assessed by a multi-disciplinary team and been deemed to have a ‘primary health need’. After this has been defined, a package of care will be developed. This is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have on-going healthcare needs.

Continuing healthcare is available in any setting to meet assessed needs, including the patient’s own home or a care home.

Continuing Healthcare for children is also provided after assessment by a multi-disciplinary team has found the child eligible for funding. There is a need for a wider range of agencies to be involved in supporting parents with the care of the child compared to adult Continuing Healthcare. These agencies will predominantly be health, social care and education. Each one will play a part in meeting the child’s needs.

NHS Continuing Healthcare is free, unlike support provided by local authorities where a financial charge may be made depending on your income and savings.

To find out more if you need on-going care and support from health and social care professionals, please read the Continuing Healthcare and funded nursing care leaflet.

To find out about the referral process or any other aspect of Continuing Healthcare, please read the Department of Health leaflet.

Personal Health Budgets

If you are eligible for Continuing Healthcare, you may receive this through a Personal Health Budget (PHB).

If you do not qualify for NHS continuing health care, you will still receive mainstream services free of charge, such as GP services, district nursing services, specialist therapy.

A personal health budget is an amount of NHS money used to support the health and wellbeing needs of patients, generally those with a long term illness or disability.

In Hillingdon, we offer personal health budgets for people who are eligible for fully funded continuing healthcare and live at home. You can find out more in the Personal Health Budget leaflet.

Your care coordinator, in conjunction with the local authority support planner, will work with you and those who support you, to decide the best way to use the personal health budget and create a support plan.

There are three types of personal health budgets. These are:

Direct Payments

You get the money to buy the services you and your care coordinator agree you need. You have to show what you have spent your health budget on, but you buy and manage your services yourself using a pre-paid card.

Notional Budget

The money is held by the CCG on your behalf but you will have a full understanding of how the budget is to be used to meet your personal plan. You and your care coordinator will agree which services you want to pay for.

Real Budget or Independent User Trust

This is where a care agency employs a care worker on your behalf. A more unusual third party arrangement is an ‘independent user trust’. This is set up to manage the budget on behalf of the patient, and to be accountable for the money.

How can you spend your personal health budget?

If you have a personal health budget, you will be able to use it for a range of things to help meet your health and wellbeing goals including:

•             Agency care staff

•             Personal assistants

•             Ways of getting out and meeting other people

•             Respite care

•             Equipment to make it easier to be at home

You can use the money for other things besides the above as long as they are clearly linked to meeting the agreed health outcomes of the care plan, and do not fall under any of the stipulations listed below.

You may not use your Personal Health Budget for:

  • Emergency care, or for care you normally get from a GP
  • You are also not allowed to spend the money on gambling, debt repayment, alcohol, tobacco or anything unlawful

Note that Hillingdon CCG is entitled to recover any money that is not spent appropriately.

Contact details

Brent, Harrow & Hillingdon CCG’s Continuing Healthcare team

Hours of Service: Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00hrs

Address: Sudbury Primary Care Centre, Vale Farm, Watford Road, Wembley, HA0 3HG

Phone number: 020 3114 7123