Within the NHS, governance falls into two main categories:

  • Corporate governance – the application of systems, principles and practice in order to strategically manage the organisation
  • Clinical governance – a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care within a health system

Governance systems are intended to collectively provide assurance to all stakeholders and patients that the organisation is being run efficiently, ethically, legally, and transparently. Hillingdon CCG works within the context of our own governance framework, which is set out in our CCG constitution.

This constitution was updated in late 2018 and approved by NHS England in December 2018. Approval letter can be found here. Previous versions of the constitution are available on request.

Hillingdon CCG also works together with the other seven CCGs in this part of London through the North West London collaboration board on joint strategies such as transforming care through hospital reconfiguration and out of hospital strategy. The collaboration board is clinically led and is accountable to the eight CCGs of North West London. Papers for the board can be found here.

Further Governance documents.