Fred's Story


Fred's storyFred’s story highlights how the current health and social care system in Hillingdon can leave local people feeling alone and confused.

At his most vulnerable, Fred received the care and treatment he required, but he was passed between different services. Fred was seen by different teams and quickly lost his independence and confidence, felt isolated and unsure of his future.

His daughter and carer Maureen experienced frustration and helplessness, unable to know where to turn to next for the support and care her father needed now and in the future.

Could Fred’s story have been different?

The development of integrated care will aim to ensure services are delivered together, linking health and social care to provide people like Fred with a better experience. Patients will feel empowered and be able to live independently, confident that their continuing care needs are managed and understood by a multidisciplinary team of people who are able to provide the right support at the right time.

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