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pdf 1) Primary Care Board Agenda Part 1 FINAL - 2017 11 01.pdf 148KB Download
pdf 10) Cover Sheet Template - Primary care strategy v1.pdf 234KB Download
pdf 10a) Appendix 1 -Primary Care strategy summary sheet.pdf 76KB Download
pdf 10b) Appendix 2- PC Strategy - Draft_ v16.pdf 2MB Download
pdf 11) Cover Sheet PCB - Part 1 - 011117 - Primary Care Delivery Plan - NPaige.pdf 191KB Download
pdf 11a) Primary Care Delivery Plan 2017-2019_v1_NP_231017.pdf 69KB Download
pdf 12) Cover Sheet - Primary Care Operations - Part 1 25.10.17.pdf 195KB Download
pdf 13a) 2017 10 18 HPCC Development SLA Submission Oct 17.pdf 345KB Download
pdf 14) BAF Risk 4c Nov 2017.pdf 314KB Download
pdf 2a) DRAFT Primary Care Board Minutes Part 1 - 27.09.17.pdf 381KB Download
pdf 2b) DRAFT Action Log Primary Care Board Part 1 - 27.09.17.pdf 150KB Download
pdf 2c) Primary Care Decision Log - Part 1 2017-2018.pdf 265KB Download
pdf 3) Cover Sheet Diabetes Underspend_PCB_1st Nov_KW_V2.pdf 438KB Download
pdf 3a) APPENDIX Metrohealth Initiation service doc Draft v3 (1)final (3).pdf 607KB Download
pdf 3b) APPENDIX BGTS draft SOP v1 NB.pdf 588KB Download
pdf 3c) APPENDIX Managing Multimorbidity_Update October 2017V3.pdf 170KB Download
pdf 4) Cover Sheet - Record sharing between GPs and Community.pdf 156KB Download
pdf 4a) Hillingdon ISA - GP and Community Patient Record Sharing - Draft v0.3.pdf 451KB Download
pdf 5) Cover Sheet Extended Access Hubs Winter Pressure Proposal.pdf 215KB Download
pdf 5a) EAH Winter pressure proposal final.pdf 358KB Download
pdf 6) Cover Sheet PCB - Part 1 - ICCPC Commissioning Contract.pdf 192KB Download
pdf 6a) Increasing Clinical Capacity in Primary Care 17-21 Service Specification.pdf 359KB Download
pdf 7) Primary Care Board AF Audits Specification Cover Sheet - 1st November 2017.pdf 142KB Download
pdf 7a) Atrial Fibrillation audit patient reviews spec_ Primary care template v8 03.10.17.pdf 528KB Download
pdf 8) Cover Sheet Pharmacist Proposal.pdf 167KB Download
pdf 8a) 2017 10 18 Pharmacists Proposal for PC Board Final 2.pdf 185KB Download
pdf 9) Cover Sheet Template - Part 1_Component 3_commisioning contract.pdf 231KB Download