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pdf 10(a) Primary Care Board Cover Sheet Primary Care Commissioning - 1718 budgets.pdf 169KB Download
pdf 10(b) Delegated Commissioning Budget Setting Paper FINAL.pdf 627KB Download
pdf 10(c) Medical Services -2017-18 budgets- final-NWL Amended - AMENDED FOR HILLINGDON M2.pdf 193KB Download
pdf 11(a) Primary Care Work Plan Cover Sheet - Part 1.pdf 130KB Download
pdf 11(b) DRAFT 2017 18 Primary Care Work Plan.pdf 327KB Download
pdf 12(a) 2017 18 LTC Work Plan Cover Sheet - Part 1.pdf 74KB Download
pdf 12(b) 2017 18 LTC Work Plan - Part 1.pdf 323KB Download
pdf 13) Draft Procurement Panel Minutes - Part 1 - 03.05.17.pdf 431KB Download
pdf 2(a) Primary Care Board Minutes Part 1 - 24th May 2017.pdf 468KB Download
pdf 2(b) Primary Care Board Action Log Part 1 - 24th May 2017.pdf 178KB Download
pdf 2(c) Primary Care Decision Log Part 1- 24th May 2017.pdf 206KB Download
pdf 2d) Procurement Decision Making Tree Log - 2016-2017.pdf 234KB Download
pdf 3(a) Confederation Development Support Plan Cover Sheet - Part 1.pdf 191KB Download
pdf 3(b) 2017 06 15 Confederation Development Support Plan.pdf 406KB Download
pdf 4(a) ICP Contract KPIs cover sheet.pdf 150KB Download
pdf 4(b) KPIs Year 3 Draft.pdf 466KB Download
pdf 5(a) Extended Access to General Practice Part 1.pdf 216KB Download
pdf 5(b) Appendix II Extended Access Hub detailed appointment usage data.pdf 782KB Download
pdf 5b) Part 1_Extended_Access_GP_Hubs_Business Case v3.pdf 628KB Download
pdf 6(a) NWL Plan Plan Cover Sheet - Part 1.pdf 153KB Download
pdf 6b) 22-06-17 NW London Primary Care Delivery Plan v0.10.pdf 5MB Download
pdf 7(a) Primary Care Home (PCH) Model Cover Sheet - Part 1.pdf 230KB Download
pdf 7(b) Primary Care Home (PCH) Model - Part 1 v3.pdf 397KB Download
pdf 8(a) Front sheet Primary Care Contracts Summary 2016-17.pdf 151KB Download
pdf 8(b) Primary Care Contracts 2016-17.pdf 247KB Download
pdf 9(a) Cover Sheet HCCG DES Briefing - Part 1.pdf 130KB Download
pdf 9(b) Hillingdon CCG DESs Briefing.pdf 144KB Download
pdf Primary Care Board Agenda - Part 1 - FINAL 05.07.17 V.4.pdf 339KB Download