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pdf ( 3b) - Older People MOC 2014.pdf 539KB Download
pdf (10) HPCB- Part 1 Cover Sheet Primary Care in North West London.pdf 112KB Download
pdf (10a) NWL GPFV Local Services Summary v0.1.pdf 2MB Download
pdf (2) Draft Minutes - 26.04.17.pdf 390KB Download
pdf (2b) Action Log Part 1 - 26th April 2017.pdf 96KB Download
pdf (3) Cover Sheet-Integrated Care Phamacists.pdf 204KB Download
pdf (3a) Item 3 -Proposal for Integrated Care Pharmacists.pdf 435KB Download
pdf (3c) - MUR-Guidance-Oct-2013 (1).pdf 421KB Download
pdf (3d) - NMS_guidance_Dec_2013.pdf 712KB Download
pdf (3e) - Draft Hillingdon clncl-pharmacists-ph-2-app-form April 2017.pdf 375KB Download
pdf (4) HPCB- Part 1 Cover Sheet_Primary Care Board Terms Of Reference v1.pdf 84KB Download
pdf (4a) PCCC ToR updated 25 Jan 2017.pdf 458KB Download
pdf (4b) 2017 18 Sub Committees Reporting Structure.pdf 104KB Download
pdf (5) Cover Sheet HPCB - Part 1 HCPC Management Costs.pdf 209KB Download
pdf (6a) Hilingdon CCG - Mth 12 -Appendix A.pdf 212KB Download
pdf (6a) NWLondon Narrative - Mth 12.pdf 319KB Download
pdf (7) Primary Care Strategy.pdf 774KB Download
pdf (8a) Communication & Engagement.pdf 171KB Download
pdf (8b)-Brief proposal-Communication & Engagement.pdf 187KB Download
pdf (9) HPCB- Part 1 Cover Sheet NHSE Operating Plan v1.pdf 82KB Download
pdf (9a) Attachment 1- OpMod v11_1-Item 7.pdf 1MB Download
pdf 6(c) Cover Sheet Primary Contracts.pdf 104KB Download
pdf 6(c) Primary Care Board Primary Care Contracts May 17.pdf 134KB Download
pdf 8) Cover Sheet Communications & Engagement Update.pdf 83KB Download
pdf Agenda - Part 1 - 24.05.17 Final.pdf 259KB Download