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  1. Improving patient transport

    Patients and service users are invited to join us for a discussion on how we will assess people for patient transport across North West London.

  2. Which health services will be open over the Spring Bank Holiday?

    25 May 2017

    Some healthcare services will be open for people that need advice or access to healthcare over the Spring Bank Holiday.

  3. Free training for carers in NW London

    23 May 2017

    In the NHS across North West London, NW London CCGs have put together a series of free workshops for carers.

  4. Do you want to help shape health and care services in the borough?

    22 May 2017

    NHS Hillingdon CCG is seeking a Lay Member to join its Governing Body, with responsibility for Public, Patient Engagement and Equality. This important position ensures that the local population’s voice is heard in the decisions we make to transform and strengthen local NHS services.

  5. Information about global cyber-attack on Friday 12 May

    15 May 2017

    As you may be aware, several organisations, including NHS services across England, were subject to a cyber-attack on Friday 12 May. While the NHS has continued to treat patients throughout the weekend, this has disrupted some hospital and GP appointments.

    If you have a hospital appointment, you should still attend unless you have been contacted and told not to.

  6. Mother knows best – NHS makes big push to hear mums views

    New mums are asked to log on and share their experiences of maternity care, with the launch of an innovative new improvement programme.

  7. New mums receiving compassionate care in North West London

    New mums in Hillingdon are receiving compassionate maternity care, as found by an independent health watchdog.

  8. Staff in North West London champion seven day services

    Providing therapy for elderly patients in hospital wards over weekends has been found to significantly improve patient care.

  9. Which health services will be open over Easter?

    Ahead of the Easter holiday this weekend, patients in North West London are asked to make sure their medicine cabinets are fully stocked and they have their prescription medications. Many minor illnesses and injuries can be treated easily at home if you are prepared.

  10. Improving patient transport

    Join us for a discussion on how patients will access patient transport services across North West London in the future.

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