Give us your views about changes to GP services at the HESA Centre

Please note this consultation has now closed

The Orchard Medical Practice and Hayes Town Medical Centre are due to combine into a single GP practice that serves both sets of patients. Local GPs and NHS England decided to do this after consulting with the public, local voluntary organisations, government workers and healthcare staff. It follows a review of the contracts for these two practices as they are due to end soon.

The new service will continue to be based at the HESA Centre – the location will not change – and will bring several benefits. For example, it will be better able to meet the demand of a growing population and it’s a better use of valuable public funds.

As we move forward with this planned service change, we want to hear from you.


What do you want my views on?

We want you to tell us the most important services and improvements you want to see in the practice.

This could be about any aspect of how you use GP services including:

- What are the most common issues you have – if any – in trying to book a GP appointment?

- Which are the most important services that the practice should provide?

- How do you book appointments – is it over the phone, in person, over the internet etc?


How can I give my views and find out more?

We have:

- A survey available to complete online or on paper

- One to one telephone consultation conversations

- One to one in-person consultation conversations (please use the form at the bottom of this page to register)

Hayes Town Medical Centre: Wednesday 12th July, 12pm-4pm 

Orchard Medical Practice: Thursday 13th July, 12pm-4pm 

- Focus groups held at the Hesa Centre (please book tickets via the links below)

Hayes Town Medical Centre: Monday 10th July, 6pm-8pm

Orchard Medical Practice: Tuesday 11th July, 6pm-8pm 


We’ll be asking for your views over the next 10 weeks starting from 12 June. Talk to us and share your views.

If you would like to register your interest in attending an event or hearing more from us as the consultation continues, please complete the registration form below. Alternatively you can call us on 01895 203000 or email


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